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Product Warranty Information

At Fitness Brokers USA, we’ll not only walk you through the process of finding the perfect equipment, we’ll also be there if something goes wrong. Each refurbished machine comes with a free 120 day warranty covering parts and on-site labor. Would you like even more protection for your equipment? We also offer extended one and two-year Protection Plans. Please contact a sales representative for more details.

Residential or Commercial

Please let your sales representative know what you’re intending to do with your new machine. Warranties vary depending on whether you plan on using the equipment at home or in a business setting. Equipment used in a home gym would be covered under our residential policy. If the machine is used in a commercial environment such as a health club, apartment complex, or university, it would be covered under our commercial policy. Please note that a residential warranty will become void if it is used in a business setting.

What’s Included in the Warranty?

•    Problems caused by normal wear and tear
•    Software errors
•    Replacement parts
•    Labor costs and on-site visits

What’s Not Included in the Warranty?

•    International customers. At this time our warranty only covers the United States and Canada.
•    Issues caused by improper use of machinery.
•    Cosmetic defects due to wear and tear. Defects on arrival are covered.
•    Elemental damage due to equipment being left outdoors.
•    Stolen, missing, or lost equipment

Product Warranty Information

Each warranty begins on the first day the equipment is delivered to your business or residence. If you live in the Massachusetts or Rhode Island area, repair services will be performed by our own certified fitness technicians. If you live outside of this service area, your repair services will be handled by our extensive network of qualified fitness repair technicians. Is your machine on the fritz? Technicians often respond to service requests within one week to diagnose and solve the problem. Please keep in mind that this product’s warranty is only available through Fitness Brokers USA and is only valid through the original purchaser.