Lowest Price Policy

Whether you are furnishing a dream gym or perfecting the one you have at home, Fitness Brokers USA has the equipment you need for the price that you want. At Fitness Brokers, you can browse an enormous inventory of new and refurbished fitness equipment, save up to 70% on brand name commercial fitness equipment, and ship your purchase to virtually any location.

If you are looking to get the most for your money, we highly recommend investing in preowned or reconditioned equipment. We offer high quality, high functioning, preowned equipment with the same performance as new at a fraction of the retail cost.

At Fitness Brokers USA, we will not only walk you through the process of finding the perfect equipment, we will also be there if something goes wrong. Each refurbished machine comes with 6 months free warranty covering parts and on-site labor. Each cleaned and serviced machine comes with up to 90 day’s parts warranty.  Warranties are not transferable. 

Please let your sales representative know what you are intending to do with your new machine. Warranties vary depending on whether you plan on using the equipment at home or in a business setting. 

Product Warranty Information

Each warranty begins on the first day the equipment is delivered to your business or residence or picked up from one of our warehouses.  Warranty service calls in the Massachusetts or Rhode Island area are performed by our In-House Service Technicians.  If you live outside of this service area, your repair service will be handled by an Outside Service Provider that has been vetted and approved by ownership. Please keep in mind that this product’s warranty is only available through Fitness Brokers USA and is only valid through the original purchaser. Any mechanical, software and cosmetic issues that are a direct result of improper use, physical damage, or the user engaging in an activity which the operational manual specifically warns against doing or caused by the user disassembling/reassembling the machine voids the warranty.


If the machine is used in a commercial environment such as a health club, apartment complex, or university, it would be covered under our commercial policy.


Equipment used in a home gym is covered under our residential policy. Please note that a residential warranty will become void if it is used in a business setting.

What’s Included in the Warranty?

•    Replacement parts
•    Labor costs and on-site visits

What’s Not Included in the Warranty?

•    Issues caused by improper use of machinery.
•    Cosmetic defects due to wear and tear.
•    Elemental damage due to equipment being left outdoors
•    Problems caused by normal wear and tear
•    Stolen, missing, or lost equipment
•    Internet, wifi and bluetooth connectivity
•    Damages due customer pick-up