Equipment Reconditioning

Brand new equipment might be easy on the eye, but not so much on the wallet. At Fitness Brokers, we work with businesses and individuals to make sure you get the highest quality equipment for the lowest price. How do we do that? By offering cleaned & serviced and/or reconditioned equipment. 

Cleaned & Serviced


 Here at Fitness Brokers our refurb process begins when product that we buy lands at our warehouse. Before we send any product to refurb we first verify completeness and functionality.

Once the product goes to refurb, it is cleaned and serviced by our technicians by totally disassembling the product and inspecting all components. Any component worn past 50% is replaced. The frame is then inspected to make sure there are no visible blemishes. The unit is then reassembled and tested.  With Cleaned & Serviced products we offer up to a 90 day warranty depending on the product.



Consider “reconditioned” equipment to be the best thing you can get on the market without buying it brand new. Our trained technicians have extensive experience working with the major fitness equipment manufacturers. At the reconditioned level, each unit is stripped down to its bare frame. The frame goes through the process of being sanded, primed, and then painted. Defective recon.pngparts are replaced with new parts. Once the unit is reassembled, it’s tested for functionality.

Our goal is to make the equipment as new as possible, without the hefty price tag. Our prices are some of the best in the preowned fitness equipment industry. With our reconditioned products, you’ll get the best performance, great quality and receive up to a 6 month warranty, depending on the product.


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