Fitness Brokers Showroom, Foxoboro, MA

Fitness Brokers USA is testament to the old English proverb that “Necessity is the mother of invention.” The outgrowth of a decades old logistics provider in the commercial fitness equipment industry, Fitness Brokers USA was founded in 2009 so that the largest purchasers of new commercial fitness equipment in the USA could seamlessly swap existing equipment for new. From these roots, we have bountiful access to well-maintained, three to five year old commercial fitness equipment from the best club operators and manufacturers in the USA and we like to share this equipment with the world over whether one piece at a time locally or by the container to a far-away port. 

Fitness Brokers is uniquely positioned in the marketplace and committed to promoting fitness. From our headquarters in Cumberland, Rhode Island, we are proud to provide great equipment and, as importantly, we stand behind every piece we sell with a well trained and certified service team. Our seasoned sales staff will work with you to provide options that meet your equipment and budget requirements whether you are looking for a single piece to use at home, outfit a fitness facility or purchase equipment by the container for export.
We always have trucks and equipment on the move but Cumberland, Rhode Island is home so if you ever want to visit our showroom or see our refurbishment department in operation you are always welcome. We look forward to fulfilling our roles as ambassadors to fitness by assisting you or your organization with any of your commercial fitness equipment requirements.