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What is Reconditioning?

Brand new equipment might be easy on the eye, but not so much on the wallet. At Fitness Brokers, we work with businesses and individuals to make sure you get the highest quality equipment for the lowest price. How do we do that? We offer reconditioned equipment.

Consider “reconditioned” equipment to be the best thing you can get on the market without buying it brand new. Our trained technicians have extensive experience working with the major fitness equipment manufacturers. At the reconditioned level, each unit is stripped down to its bare frame. The frame goes through the process of being sanded, primed, and then painted. Brand new parts replace the old, defective parts. Once the unit is reassembled, it’s tested for function.

Our goal is to make the equipment as new as possible, without the hefty price tag. Our prices are some of the best in the pre-owned fitness equipment industry. With our reconditioned products, you’ll get great quality and receive up to a 6 month warranty, depending on the product.

Want your equipment to fit your facility's "look"? It's easy to display your organization’s color scheme and branding with our customized equipment package. For a fee, you can add your logo and a fresh coat of paint (of your color specification) to your purchased items. Ask your sales representative about how you can make a statement in your facility.

If you would like more information on a specific product or how it fits into one of our buying levels, our staff would be happy to explain. We’ll work with you to find the perfect addition to your gym at the price you’re looking for.