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Fitness Equipment

Customer Service

           Free Shipping & Local Curbside Delivery Throughout New England

Shipping & Delivery Options

•    Curbside delivery to residence through common carrier
•    Commercial loading dock through common carrier
•    Commercial, curbside delivery to a business through common carrier
•    International ocean freight shipments are to your nearest port city where you can pick up at the terminal
•    Local delivery includes inside installation
•    Local pickup at our Foxboro location
•    Shipping and delivery charges are buyer's responsibility unless noted in the listing
•    Common carriers are national logistic trucking companies that pickup at our loading dock and deliver to your home or business
•    All common carrier deliveries are shipped on secure wooden pallets
•    All common carrier deliveries are insured up to the full value of the item
•    All deliveries via common carrier are curbside only. Inside installation is available for an additional fee in some areas.
•    Local pickup is always free of charge and someone will assist you in getting your item into your vehicle
•    To check rates, email us your zip code and whether it is going to a business or residence
•    International rates may take up to 48 hours to be quoted

Returns & Replacements

•    For items purchased on eBay please see the eBay Guarentee
•    Our goal is to provide a product that is 100% functional
•    Our team will describe the physical condition of the item to the best of their ability
•    If the item does not meet your expectations performance wise when you receive it, we will work with you to improve the performance of the item.  If we have to hire a service technician to come to your home or business to assess your item, we will do so free of charge.
•    If the item arrives and is damaged, we will work with you to replace any damaged parts.  If  the item is damaged beyond usage, we will have it picked up and replaced with a duplicate model (if in our current inventory).
•    If the item does not meet your expectations for whatever reason, simply contact Fitness Brokers USA 7 days a week to discuss.  Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations.


•    When ordering please provide your name, or name of business with point of contact, full address with any apt or suite number, city, state, zip code, phone number, valid email address
•    Items as well as freight charges are to be paid in full prior to shipping
•    Deposits on large orders are to subject to approval by management
•    Taxes apply in several states

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

•    We accept credit cards, paypal, company check, bank check, and wire transfer
•    Pricing is subject to change based on inventory levels, also based on the level of condition chosen