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Save up to 70% off
Fitness Equipment

Used Fitness Equipment

We Sell Used Fitness Equipment at Deep Discounts

Fitness Brokers USA buys, services, and sells used fitness equipment. We buy from gyms, schools, and fitness training centers worldwide and always have a huge selection.

We have a showroom in Foxboro, MA and warehouses throughout the USA.

Whether you are upgrading your gym, or need exercise equipment for your home fitness center, our discount equipment can save you up to 70% .

We sell used workout equipment As-is, Cleaned and Serviced or Reconditioned.

For Endurance, Cardio and Weight Loss, we sell Treadmills, Ellipticals, Arc Trainers, Steppers,  Exercise Bikes, Stair Climbers, and Rowers.

For Strength and Bodybuilding, we sell Selectorized Circuit Training and Plate Loaded machines as well as Free Weights, Benches, Functional Trainers, and Multi Station Gyms.

If you own a gym, we can supply you with individual machines or fill your entire fitness center with any combination of new and/or used exercise machines.

Click to see the latest gyms we've supplied equipment for as well as related testimonials.

We are New England’s best source for used fitness equipment for gyms and fitness centers. We also ship worldwide.

We can sell you used fitness equipment: As-is, Cleaned and Serviced or Reconditioned.

As-is Condition Fitness Equipment
This equipment is not cleaned, tested, or evaluated by any of our staff. The equipment is sold at a large discount (save up to 70%) compare to our other levels of buying. There is no warranty on this equipment.

Cleaned and Serviced Fitness Equipment
We perform complete evaluations on this equipment. Our certified technicians evaluate for electronics, machine functionality, excessive cosmetic wear, and miscellaneous service issues. We carry a high volume of parts such as motors, rollers, pulleys, hardware, and cables. Any parts we feel are less than satisfactory will be replaced with used, functioning parts. The machines are cleaned thoroughly and all hardware is secured. Our technicians put significant hours into making the equipment 100% functional and cleaned. We provide up to 30 day warranties on cleaned and serviced products.

Reconditioned Fitness Machines
Equipment is disassembled down to the frame. New parts replace the old, defective parts. We sand, prime and paint the equipment the color of your choice. We reassembled and test for function. We recondition the unit from its original state when we receive it to an impressive like new product. At the reconditioned level, our prices are among the best in the used fitness equipment industry and still far lower than what you would pay for a new item we offer  up to a 6 month warranty, depending on the product.
At Fitness Brokers USA, we allow you to choose the level of buyer that fits your individual or business needs.
Whether you are upgrading your facility or looking for a buyer for your equipment, Fitness Brokers has the resources to meet your needs. We can supply your entire commercial gym or sell you one or several pieces for your home.

Our used fitness and gym equipment consists of commercial and residential types and includes the following:

Cardio and Endurance Training Fitness Equipment
    •    Treadmills
    •    Ellipticals
    •    Arc Trainers
    •    Steppers
    •    Spin Bikes
    •    Upright Bikes
    •    Recumbent Bikes
    •    Stair Climbers
    •    Rowers

Bodybuilding and Strength Training Fitness Equipment
    •    Weight Sets, Individual Weights, Dumbbells, Barbells
    •    Weight Storage Racks
    •    Weight Benches
    •    Squat Racks
    •    Multi-Station Gyms
    •    Plate Loaded Fitness Machines
    •    Leg Press
    •    45 Degree Leg Press
    •    Shoulder Press
    •    Chest Press
    •    Leg Curl
    •    Smith Machine
    •    Overhead Press
    •    Incline Bench Press
    •    Calf Raise
    •    Tricep Extension
    •    Bicep Curl
    •    High Row
    •    Low Row
    •    Shrug
    •    Dead Lift
    •    Hack Squat
    •    Functional Training Machines
    •    Stair Climbers
    •    Rowers
    •    Selectorized Weight Fitness Equipment
    •    Lat Pulldown
    •    Rowing Machine
    •    Arm Curl
    •    Leg Curl
    •    Tricep Extension
    •    Chest Fly
    •    Shoulder Press
    •    Leg Extension
    •    Adominal Crunch
    •    Seated Row
    •    Cable Crossover
    •    Low Row
    •    High Row
    •    Pec Deck
    •    Abductor
    •    Adductor

We have top brand name used fitness equipment including:
    •    Life Fitness
    •    Precor
    •    Body Masters
    •    Apex
    •    Cybex
    •    Hammer Strength
    •    Icarian
    •    Nautilus
    •    Paramount