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Opening a gym from scratch is an extremely stressful process. Choosing the right equipment, determining the most efficient way to position it, finding the best price and coordinating the construction phase with the delivery and installation can give anyone a gigantic ulcer. Phil Vendetti and his crew at Fitness Brokers USA took care of all of that and beyond. From painting all the equipment to the colors of the gym, to refurbishing used machine to make them look new, to providing flooring options at discounted prices to dealing with landlords and construction crews. By using a company that can mix and match new and refurbished equipment, you can pick and choose the exact brand and model you want from different manufacturers and they will make it look like it came from the same place. But most of all, no matter how much shopping around you do, their price will always be much below any quote you can get. I had done my homework and similar equipment would have been 50% more expensive somewhere else. Their staff is always very friendly and respectful. You almost fell like part of the family. 

Julie McNamee CEO, Links To Fitness

Fitness Brokers USA Great company!
After being awarded a grant for our middle school I was trying to find the best equipment for the least amount of money since schools have tight budgets. Our prior equipment was over 18 yrs old. Our athletic director mentioned this company and possibly getting some used equipment. I never really thought about it before but after meeting with Len he assured me that it was guaranteed and would look like new. Wow! Was he right the grant ended up allowing us to get 9 weight machines made for middle school students, perfect. One machine was brand new. Pricing out new equipment with other companies for what I needed would have given me one multi function machine and I ended up with a brand new weight room at a fraction of the price. The staff was great, moving day the guys were professional and timely. Our sales rep Len made sure everything was taken care of and was present on the day of delivery. He contacted us often to see if we needed anything. I am looking to add some aerobic equipment and will definitely use this company again.

used fitness equipment for Ephrata Middle School


Heidi Yohn, Wellness dept. Ephrata Middle School

These folks are the real deal. I visited their headquarters in Foxborough, Mass., and saw the scores of machines they were reconditioning. Their technicians know the equipment and go through it thoroughly. I bought a Life Fitness 91xi elliptical trainer for about one-third the original retail price, and it runs as smoothly as any I have used at my local gym. Actually, it's better than most of those machines. Cleaner, too. They delivered the machine to my home in New York four days earlier than the deadline we agreed on. Thank you, Fitness Brokers USA.

Sid Leavitt

The team at Fitness Brokers USA was a big help! I visited their show room looking for a bike, knowing nothing about what I should be looking for in a bike. Now I have had my Life Fitness bike in my home for 2 months and love it! As the weather gets warmer, I may be spending more time outside but I will always have my bike. Thank you Fitness Brokers USA!

Mary O'Donnell

"Belmont High school would like to acknowledge the supportive assistance that we received with...Fitness Broker(s) USA company, in helping us find and purchase our equipment for our new fitness facility. Being a very small school from New Hampshire with a tight budget, we had searched and searched for the best equipment for the best prices that we could find in our area, knowing that our resources are very limited and that the equipment would be expensive. Fitness Broker(s) was able to not only find the specific pieces of equipment that we required for our limited space, but it also gave us the functionality for maximum student use..."

Belmont High school, Belmont NH

Dawn, from CA, had this to say in her review, "It was a journey but worth it!"

"I'm not one of those people that love to exercise (gag)...I'm not going to go into too much detail on the nightmare I had with some of the people in the business that were in my neck of the woods. Suffice it to say, I ended up buying one on the East coast and I live near Sacramento, CA, and there are two places in Concord that aren't worth me writing about. I would love to say how awful they were to me and the empty promises and cr*p I went through, but I don't dare want to give them any business by mentioning them either! I ended up finding Fitness Brokers USA on Amazon, and as crazy as it was to pay someone over $4k, sight unseen, over 3000 miles away, well, it was just scary. Noel Roby was top notch though and was very responsive to my questions, emails, and concerns. He knows the business well and had no doubt believed what I had been through with this ordeal thus far. I am so glad I made that call and didn't give up because of my failed attempts with the two outfits in Concord, CA."

Dawn from CA