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Fitness Equipment

Deck and Belt

*The products you see here are a good representation of product we get in on a regular basis, contact us or visit our eBay site for live inventory*

Fitness Brokers USA's newest venture,, will cover all of your treadmill and fitness equipment parts needs.

We now offer OEM treadmill belts, decks, drive belts, console overlays & keypads, and miscellaneous parts. The OEM treadmill belts & decks are the meat of this new venture, as they are priced much lower than nationally-sold OEM products, but the same quality. The treadmill belts are wax impregnated, rated at 25,000 miles, and will need virtually no maintenance. The decks are the OEM, MDF/ Phenolic sheets, that can be sold as is, or cut to fit the particular brand of your treadmill. If you want to save more, but at the same time, get more, by Fitness Brokers USA is the place to go.